Museum of Ice Cream

Museum of Ice Cream

Museum of Ice Cream sign

A Millennial’s Instagram dream, the Museum of Ice Cream is a uniquely immersive experience that’s less “museum” and more Willy Wonka. It’s cool, a little bit weird and very different.


I first heard about it through a friend who was panicking about buying tickets the day of, saw the picture of a giant sprinkle pool and immediately clicked through the website to buy as many tickets as possible for friends and myself.

The convo with my brother to see if he wanted to go went something like this..


Me: Hey! Wanna go to the Museum of Ice Cream?

Him: Uh, I don’t do museums and I hate ice cream.

Me: No, it’s not like a regular museum. Check out their Instagram!

Him: OH! Nevermind, I’ll do it for the ‘gram. Plus Beyonce. (Beyonce is always a good reason to do anything)


Tickets sold out fast and what was intended to be a pop up shop has now been extended

daily dose cafeWhen the day finally arrived to use our tickets, me and my friends packed up and headed out to L.A. for our little day adventure.

To fuel our adventures, we started at the Daily Dose. It’s tucked away in a small alleyway with fairy lights strung all over. The food is delicious and all sourced locally. It’s a tad pricy ($6 for a latte) but has a very eclectic, LA feel to it and you’re bound to see at least one adorable pup.

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Next up was the long awaited Museum. The building itself is a bright burst of pink squeezed between your typical gritty and graffiti marked LA storefronts. You go through the museum in small groups and are allowed to take as long as you want in each of the rooms as long as you don’t go back through any rooms.


Every room has a different “theme” and an ice cream sampling to pair with it. Each wall is a picture-perfect, technicolor background. I was half expecting an oompa loompa to emerge behind the hundreds of suspended bananas. It is a site to see.

Museum of Ice Cream Museum of Ice Cream Swings Museum of Ice Cream Swings

Giant gummy bears! Chocolate mint patches! Melted ice cream scoops sticking to walls! What’s not to love?

giant gummy bears Museum of Ice Cream Statuesprinkle pool

My personal favorite however was the sprinkle pool which is loaded with hundreds of millions of tiny plastic sprinkles. There’s something oddly pleasing about jumping into a giant pool of sprinkles and wading around it. Although, heads up, you’ll find tiny pieces in your clothes for hours after. The dangers of sprinkle pool jumping.

Museum of Ice Cream Statue sprinkle poolMuseum of Ice Cream neon sign Museum of Ice Cream sign ice cream

The last stop in the exhibit included a pancake style ice cream sandwich, topping a sweet ending to a pretty sweet day with the gal pals.


Find out more about the Museum of Ice Cream here.