Birthday at Rancho Las Lomas

birthday celebration

What a treat this past 27th birthday was. I was lucky enough to celebrate it up at Rancho Las Lomas, an event center in Silverado with friends and family. Unlucky in that I was suffering a severe cold and could barely enjoy the wine through the haze of cold medicine. Le horror!

Ranchos Las Lomas Drone View

Ranchos Las lomas event venue  Ranchos Las lomas event venue


Tucked up in the hills of Southern California, Rancho Las Lomas plays host to a variety of events and a Zoological garden. Wine and tigers make for a perfect pairing. Not in most situations but this one in particular works.
Ranchos Las lomas event venue

With plenty of open air and scenic backdrops. Rancho Las Lomas hosts wine tastings for larger parties but if you want to just come by and hang out at the bar, it’s completely free to do so. It’s a nice area to either walk around or sit and hang out, enjoying the day.

birthday celebrationRanchos Las Lomas view

Not bad for a view am I right?

birthday at Ranchos Las Lomas

Sitting happy with this one.

rose Ranchos Las Lomas entrance Ranchos Las Lomas bar



birthday at ranchos las lomas

birthday at ranchos las lomas

birthday celebration

Walking into 27 with high hopes and big dreams.