Roadtrip to Zion

the narrows

I’ll keep this post short and simple because unfortunately, didn’t manage to take too many photos on this road trip! Instead, chose to detach from work and real life for a bit and completely immerse myself in the glorious wonders of nature.


So maybe there wasn’t wifi anywhere (thanks Sprint). I was too busy embracing the glorious fresh air!  And maybe admittedly, I’ve also not worked out how to look cute and photo ready while trekking through miles of dirt and rock. All the better to take in the scenes! And so what if I worried I might break my camera and/or neck while wading through the waters of the Narrows river? Who needs technology when you have the outdoors?

One of these days, I’ll figure out how glampers manage to wake up at the crack of dawn, look fresh faced and take amazing scenic photos of themselves. Not this girl unfortunately.

Anyways, we started our trip out to Zion late on a Thursday and made our first pit stop to the Seven Magic Mountains.  They’re really quite impressive, colorful, stacked boulders sitting out in the middle of the Mojave desert.

Seven Magic Mountains

According to the very plaque at the site, the artist was inspired by the rocks of Stonehenge and sought to bring something similar to a modern audience. Plus, look how fun they are! The exhibit will be open until May 11, 2018 and is worth the stop if you’re passing through. Easy access from the freeway as well.

7 Magic Mountains

If I had taken my camera out, here would be photos of the lodge we stayed out, the coffee shop we re-caffeinated at that had some of the best morning canyon views, and a few silly faces mixed in between.


Zion National Park is, in short, incredible. For some reason, I had no idea how vast and huge it would be, more on the scale of Yosemite. I have friends that go regularly and stay for a week and now I understand why. If you have the time, and can spend several days exploring all the trails and hikes in Zion, then definitely go for it. We only had about a day and a half and decided to The Narrows and Angel’s Landing.

Personally, I enjoyed the Narrow’s more because it feels a little more adventurous and it’s cool to be hiking through water surrounded by deep canyons and gorges. We hiked this for most of the day and when we got back to the hotel , we crashed, indulged in some Dairy Queen and watched movie after movie in the air conditioned room.

the narrows

The next day, we set out again, back to Zion and attempted Angel’s Landing. You know, the one with the epic backdrop, so high that only angels could land there. I say attempted because about 20 feet in, I chickened out and had fears that I was going to tumble to my death. I could just imagine the caption on the news headlines, girl falls to death in attempt to take photo.


The hike was crowded. My hands were sweaty and could barely hold on to the janky railing and there were so many people that we were barely making any movement. If you do attempt this hike, do not make the same mistake we did, and wait to do it when it’s less crowded.

Zion vacation

Zion hiking trail

The parts were did see (and not kill ourselves over) were still amazing.

Zion, Utah

Zion Roadtrip

And there it is! The majority of our road trip in Zion! Has anyone else done the Angel’s Landing hike? Thoughts? Disagreements?


Let me know and happy Sunday!