Denver Highlights

girl in Colorado Springs

On a long summer weekend, me and the boy took a plane out to Colorado to reunite with some old friends and see his family. Having only been to Colorado in the winter, it was really cool to finally see this city in warmer temps.

I’ve been to Colorado a few times before but never the downtown Denver area. I was excited to be able to better explore a new city. Here are a few quick highlights from an overall silly and highly memorable weekend.

We stayed with a few friends who’ve recently made the move out of California (and away from us sadly) in the new Maven Hotel in “LoDo”, as the locals call it. The decor of this place was very hip and modern, something between CB2 and Urban Outfitters. We didn’t check out the restaurant but the hotel gets 5 stars for atmosphere and its’ easy location to the Coors stadium which, is where our main stop of the day was. Downtown Denver

After settling in, catching up briefly, we made our way to the rooftop bars where the sun greeted us and we sipped on cocktails and delicious Coors (as is fitting for the Denver area). We caught up eagerly on events that had transpired in the past few months in between refreshing beverages.


One bar after the other, we were ready to head to the stadium to watch the Rockies. They won, of course, and we continued to make our way down LoDo, stopping in at bars here and there.

downtown Denver barsRockies gameColorado Springs, CO girl in Colorado Springs Denver

The next day was busy visiting family and other family friends. Before returning home however, we had one full day to enjoy to ourselves. But before we went out to do more venturing, Matteo surprised me with tickets to Odesza at the Red Rocks Ampitheatre. The venue is seriously one of the coolest venues I’ve ever been to. It looks like something out of the dinosaurs age and is one of the only naturally occurring amphitheatres, so yay for being all natural! And Odesza was amazing. Aside from the chilling wind breezes (bring a jacket!) the concert was awesome and Odesza rocked it. Can take the girl out of California but can’t take the California out of the girl I guess. I definitely could’ve done without the wind chill to better work my dance moves instead of huddling up in a tiny ball trying to protect myself from the wind but, wasn’t enough to fully draw away from Odesza’s performance.


Thanks Matteo and Denver for one kick-a$$ weekend.


Must See’s

  • Red Rocks Ampitheatre
  • LoDo, and a rooftop bar if you get the chance. Hayter’s & Co was fun and conveniently located
  • Odesza, if you get the chance

If you have time

  • Rockies Stadium
  • Bike rentals