Journey to Thailand

thailand journey

Not too long ago, a group of friends and I headed to Thailand for a 2-week adventure. Having never traveled to Asia, the trip was incredibly eye-opening and tons of fun. It also cured my travel bug (for the time being) and renewed my love of Asian food.


The flight time was about 10 hours, with a layover in Tokyo and Bangkok but, with a slew of movies, the overall journey wasn’t too bad. The hardest part was stopping in Bangkok for the night, to get to Phuket. Unfortunately, we lost a whole day to travel due to that but were lucky enough to make up for it on the way bank. Fortunately, when me and Matt were in Bangkok we scoured the area around the hotel for some quick takeaway, rested up and prepared ourselves for the final flight to Phuket where we finally be reunited with our buddies.

After arriving in Phuket and greeting everyone with renewed enthusiasm, we headed to get some food and make our way down to the beach, desperate to explore!

thai food

The food in Thailand is amazing. The best part about it is how completely affordable it is. For appetizers, drinks, and an entree, a meal for the 6 of us would usually come out to around $30. $30!┬áIt’s all made from fresh, local ingredients and flavored with plenty of spices and salts.


It’d been a few months since I’d seen a couple of my friends so we were excited to catch up over a couple beers.


After getting plenty of noms, we trekked down the road to the beach, taking in all the sights and sounds of Phuket. I was surprised to see just how many telephone wires there were everywhere. I honestly don’t know how it’s not more of an electrical fire issue! Around every corner and building, one would see rows and rows of electrical wires going to and from.


The beaches in Thailand are gorgeous and don’t disappoint. They’re open, vast and possess a natural beauty that you just can’t find in the U.S.

Thailand beaches

The water’s warm and incredibly easy to slip into.




Definitely something to cheers to!