Double Jaw Surgery Recovery: Day 1

These past 6 weeks have been some of the most mentally and physically challenging in my life and I have a completely new respect for anyone going through the surgery and recovery process. In short, it’s awful! And so taxing. And just thinking about it all makes me wanna switch to Netflix and finish House of Cards.

But I relent. Here’s a brief recap of my recovery and what I’ve been up to the past 6 weeks. Fair warning, it includes a lot of Netflix marathons.

Day 1 Post-Op:

This was by far, the hardest day and looking back on it, still makes me somewhat anxious. I can’t tell you how strange it is to wake up so completely drugged up and have your mouth wired shut. I honestly don’t remember the first few hours after surgery. I went in and suddenly, POOF! I woke up in a bed in the hospital. Family members were coming and going. Nurses went in and out.

If I recall, they were all very concerned and especially after taking a look at me, seemed very sad. My face was quite a sight to see! To make matters worse, the surgery was supposed to take 6 hours but due to some complications, ended up taking 8.

Someone had brought me a board so I could use it to write with but I was so tired and overwhelmed all I wanted to do was hold peoples hands. Weird but, when you’re confused, heavily drugged and can’t speak, the next best thing is an immediate human connection.

Apparently when I did manage to write on the board, all I managed to write was that I needed to pee. One of the side effects of being hooked up to an IV is that it makes you feel like you have to pee every two hours! Which is good for keeping your body hydrated but bad when you’re wrapped in so many cords and wires, you feel like a poorly wrapped Christmas gift a two year old might have done. Each time I got up, I had to unwrap and unplug myself from everything. Blood would come rushing out of my nose as an effect and my balance was completely off from all the drugs, so I did a sort of Frankenstein walk.

I finally came to a little more around nighttime where my dad graciously stayed by my side the whole time.

The next twelve hours were a repeat of all that. Doze off, get up clumsily, unplug, try very hard to maintain the last of my dignity by keeping my hospital gown closed, go pee, buzz for more pain meds, ask for more ice for my face, a nurse would come into take my blood pressure, temp and a few other stats. Get back in to bed. Get plugged back in. Fall asleep.

This whole process happened about 4 or 5 times that night. It was honestly a nightmare and without the support of my family, I’m not sure how I couldn’t gotten through any of it.

But somehow, I did and was onto the next day.

I didn’t think to take a “before” picture of me because there was so much going on and they rush you through everything pretty quickly. But here’s the after. Definitely not winning any beauty pageants with this look! Don’t worry! It does get better from here.