Double Jaw Surgery

Taking a slight detour from the fun and light things to delve into my planned double jaw surgery this Thursday which, will likely occupy the next three to six months of my life.

I’ve had a lot of mixed emotions over the past three weeks about it, going from calm to frantic to emotional meltdown the next. Having never even been into major surgery, there’s some slight apprehension about that aspect, as well as the whole, “your face is going to look different” for the rest of your life aspect.

Under those circumstances, I’d say I managed remarkably well, especially considering the fact that the doctor told me it will be about four months until I can drink alcohol again. He also noted that I was the first person to ask this question. I was not sure whether to be proud of this fact or semi-concerned. 

And so- after four years of planning, I’ll be undergoing double jaw surgery at the recommendation of several specialists who have told me it will improve breathing and chewing function (you know those semi-important things) as well as improving my overall appearance. I hope I come out of this looking like Jennifer Lawrence.

Breakdown of Care

1 Initial Consultation 1.5 years ago with a maxillofacial surgeon.
1 6 month consultation with maxillofacial surgeon again to determine date of surgery
3 week pre-op appointment
1 week pre-op appointment

Any tips? Advice? I’m all ears for now and would love to know other peoples experiences!