Copper Mountain Ski Trip


Over the Christmas break, I headed out east to Copper to meet the boy’s family and for a quick ski trip. After picking me up super late at night, we trekked back through the mountains in the middle of what felt like a blizzard. This was the point where I was supposed to keep him up for the long two hour drive with my lively chatter but after about an hour of just staring out the window into whiteness, I promptly fell asleep.

And was jabbed awake by the boy and headed straight to bed. But when I woke up, I found myself in a winter wonderland.

Copper Village Fire Ball

The Califoreigner


We woke up relatively early, ate a delicious breakfast of cinnamon rolls and hit the slopes!

It was only my third time skiing and I’d say I did perfectly awesome, great,  mediocre! I didn’t realize we were heading all the way up to the summit and was left mildly flustered, quickly abandoning any hope to be an Olympic skiier of any sort. The air was thinner up there making it hard to breathe and I had to set everything aside to just focus on getting down the mountain in one piece.

Copper Mountain

I wish I’d taken more pictures of the skyline from summit level but I could barely manage to stay on my skiis, hold the poles and slowly inch my way down the mountain, so trying to take a picture was very much out of the picture.

After what felt like an eternity (about two hours) I finally made it to the final stretch of the mountain, back to the bottom. But it was so steep that I more or less inched my way down all the way firmly on my buttocks. The boy watched me with probably the same level of patience Annie Sullivan had for Helen Keller.

Copper Skiing Christmas Tree Christmas Tree


It’s snow much fun here! ☃#doesthischairmakemelooksmall #travel #colorado #adventure

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Copper Mountain


Copper mountain couple


aerial view of Copper village

After a semi successful day on the slopes, we sipped on wine by the fire and cuddled up. Later in the evening, we all gathered around to play this card game called ‘Utter Nonsense’, where you have to say ridiculous things in different accents. At some point in the game, just about everyone’s accent turned in to a British accent or a Southern gentleman’s. I highly recommend!

fireside wine


And I’m very much looking forward to making this something of a tradition! Minus the falling down the mountain part.