Malibu Wine Safari

Malibu Wine Farm

Malibu Wine Safari

watermelon drink

When the event of my birthday came rolling around, I knew I wanted to do something different and not-standard of the typical birthday going out activities. I opted for something a little more personal and intimate with just a few close family members and the boy, in hopes that it would make me forget the slow, dawning realization that I was getting older. And likely have wrinkles the day after.

We set out for Malibu to Paradise Beach Cove Cafe for an early breakfast.

When your first drink of the day comes in a beautifully carved watermelon, it’s hard be anything but pleased as punch. (see what I did there?)


Paradise Cove Beach Cafe

The cafe is open and airy, with a terrific view of the shore. We ate breakfast with our toes literally in the sand, me sipping happily on my drink in a watermelon, and the rest of the group sipping responsibly on coffee and mimosas.

crab benedict cakes


I opted for the crab cakes benedict, covered in a decadent hollandaise sauce. And the best part about the restaurant is that once you’re done, you can stroll on down right to the beach. I felt like more of a beached whale, after the meal, having indulged in everything.

the califoreignerParadise Cove

Paradise Cove Sign

Ah, but the day wasn’t over yet. We headed off to a wine farm, not much further, called Malibu Wine Safari’s.

A friend had recommended it to me a while back. The combination of wine and animals seemed too much to miss. Wine! And cute, fluffy animals!! It was just as great as expected.

Malibu Wine Safari Wine FarmAdventure post card

Don’t you agree?

Malibu Wine Farmllamawhite horse

With the safari deal, they set you up in a repurposed explorer safari van and take you around the grounds. Every once in a while, you’ll stop and get off, and feed the happy animals some carrots.

Malibu Wine Farm

Can you believe this zebra was only a few days old! And walking already!

baby zebra


wine tourmalibu wines

He likes me, I swear.


More days should be spent strolling vineyards and sipping on wine.


Getting older’s not too bad, I suppose. Gets better with age like a fine wine 😉

wine glasses clinking


Paradise Cove Beach Cafe 

Malibu Wine Safari