Catalina Island

Catalina Island


It’s difficult to mention a day at Catalina without saying, “It’s the f&ck*ng Catalina Wine Mixer!” And while there was no Will Ferrell singing Josh Groban tunes or even a wine mixer, the day was still filled with plenty of good things. A good majority followed by one of us in the group saying, “It’s the Catalina Wine Mixer!” just for good effect. For those who don’t know the reference, I strongly recommend you watch Step Brothers right this instant and thank me later.

The boy had mentioned he’d wanted to go to Catalina Island for some time, and when he told me his parents were visiting from out of town, it proved the perfect opportunity. So, the four of us hopped on the Catalina Flyer Ferry and skipped on over to Island, where we were welcomed with blue skies and bluer waters.


Catalina Harbor


It’s hard to believe that Catalina is only an hour away from Orange County. The village side of it is quaint and charming. Unfortunately, we passed on swimming or scuba diving and did the whole touristy thing instead.

Cove at Catalina


His “natural” pose.



Posing at Catalina


Ahhh, summer.

Catalina Island, California

I may have insisted we stopped for ice cream. Ice cream is a source of dairy and therefore a very essential part of the diet.

ice cream close up


We rented a golf cart and toured the island. The island itself is pretty small and the side we were on only takes a few hours to get around. For those more adventurous, there’s also many hikes that you can take around the island.


Catalina Island View

And after a full day of golf carting (is that a verb? I don’t know, but I’m making it one) and stopping to eat for every two hours, we watched the sun slowly set and decided it was time to head back home to the mainland.

Having had our fill of adventuring around and browsing islands, it felt incredibly good to be back home on the mainland.



Boats at Catalina


Thanks for reading! 🙂

Info: Ferry Tickets

FYI Tickets can be a little steep but if you browse in advance, you find a good groupon or another coupon for them. Also, if it’s your birthday week, you can get a free ride to the Island on the ferry.