Granville Island Public Market

The second day we were in Vancouver, we made our way to Stanley Park
and Granville Island. These were by far, my favorite spots and it was so great
to walk around and get to see a little bit more the city. 
Vancouver doesn’t feel too exotic or different to the American traveler but its’
 parks and markets were no less pleasing.
Stanley Park is 1,000 acres large and feels more like a small forest than an urban park.
Complete with totem poles too!

So, there was a lot of us trying to take pictures of each other while on our bikes but
 as it turns out, that’s a lot more difficult to do than it looks! It mostly ended us with
 pissing off the locals and getting told to get out of the way.  So much for that!
But if you are headed to the park, biking is definitely the best way to check it out.
There’s plenty of nature and paths to explore. Just be wary of other tourists and locals
 if you’re trying to take a candid picture of yourself biking!
With our completely non-photogenic biking selves, we headed to Granville Island Market. 
I love markets. There’s no better way to get a sense of a city than heading to the market.

A little wind-blown and blustery but still alive!

Going through these pics makes me ready for another trip…
Next up are quick trips to San Diego and San Francisco, with a possibility of
 Denver in there, but we’ll see about that…
Have a great weekend everyone 🙂