Capilano Suspension Bridge

So a while ago I took a weekend trip up to Vancouver to explore some Canadian terrain and for a quick mini adventure. Regrettably, it’s taken me way too long to actually get these pictures up on the blog. Life’s gotten a little too hectic lately but looking back at these pictures has made me seriously itch for another trip or at least a camping getaway to detox and breathe. Who’s with me?

Our first day out in Vancouver we ventured to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park which seems like something out of the Star Wars ewok forest. (Um, side note: Who’s excited for the new one??) The air is incredibly fresh and the fog just barely crept up from the river. The suspension bridge and the task of crossing it is a little daunting. It’s sturdier than it looks as many a sign reassured me. And if little kids could cross it, I guess so could I. And hopefully not plunge to my death a couple hundred feet below to the river.


The park is worth a visit, no matter the age.

And after some trekking and exploring we headed back in to Vancouver ready for some serious food.

We stopped at a Dim Sum restaurant (the name which I can’t remember. Big oops) , and ordered practically everything off the menu. There were plenty of fried pork, fried rice, steamed dumplings and flavored chicken.


I think we all went to bed pretty early this night, tuckered out from the days adventures….

And now that I’m not sick and pretty much done with moving and all done with music festival shenanigans, expect more posts 🙂
Happy Tuesday all.