Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

Having lived in New York for five years, I feel like there’s not a lot I haven’t done

 tourist-wise. But that’s how New York always surprises me. Even after so many
 years of living there and visiting, there’s still new sites and places to explore.

So I was wrong, but in a great way. 
I tried to find an activity that all three of us siblings could do and haven’t done

before, so we settled on crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and checking out D.U.M.B.O.

But not before a hearty breakfast at Penelope’s. I opted for the pumpkin waffles with

 walnuts, craisins, cinnamon butter and a side of sausage. It’s a cozy little place that’s
 very trendy. The staff was friendly and seated us almost right away. And the food was
 definitely on point. I did no favors to my waistline with this meal but it was so worth.
I’ll take pumpkin waffles over bikini body any day.

(Well, I say that now…)
With a very necessary cup of coffee.
And my brother eye-ing the desserts, not sure what to choose!
Then we were out, three native Californians still not used to the chilly weather, but determined to cross the Brooklyn Bridge.
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The walk is so worth it and only takes about half an hour. You get the best views

of the city as well. I don’t know anything about architecture either, but I could still
 appreciate all of the bridge.

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After much photo snapping, daydreaming and sightseeing, we made it to Brooklyn Park.
And the view was nothing but perfect. Sometimes I think about moving back to New

York (at least for the 2 nice months out of the year) because I miss parts of it so much.

New York will always feel like an endless love affair to me.


Brooklyn Bridge- How To