Hiking Trail to Hollywood Sign

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Undoubtedly, the Hollywood Sign Hike was probably one of the most difficult hikes
 I’ve ever done. And I feel like I’ve done my fair share of hiking, which is saying something!

Ok- in reality, it probably wasn’t that bad, but my friends and I sure got our workout
 for the day.

My friend and her boyfriend were in town visiting for the weekend, from New York.
We set our sight’s on an adventure, her being somewhat of a tourist to Los Angeles.
I’d heard about the Hollywood Sign Hike, so we made a plan to meet up and conquer
the mountain together, and follow it up with some seriously tasty brunch.

Well, not everything went according to plan. After a bit of confusion on time and dates,
we managed to meet up and head over to the hiking trail.

We all consider ourselves pretty active but this hike felt like Everest. Everest I tell you!!
 Not to mention it’s also extremely narrow and the path is completely vertical (or feels
 like it at least).

Not to worry, we channeled our inner Cheryl Strayed and pretended it was the PCT.
My respect for full-time hiker’s was completely doubled.

We made our way up the treacherous path, stopping intermittently for water and to
appreciate the view, trying to not think about the possibility of death and how good
a bucket of mimosas or sangria sounded.

Unfortunately, we only made it to the Wisdom Tree and had to make our way back
 down quickly to get our grub on. And for real, that’s what the tree is called. The Wisdom
 Tree, but unfortunately I didn’t feel any wiser, just hungry and ready for a drink. Hiking
 might not be our forte but eating is.

Not before taking a few silly photos and making the most of the view of course.

After a second mix up with brunch and timing, we landed at BLD, a very Hollywood
 scene, but the menu had some of the best brunch food ever.

I ordered up the French toast topped with a creme cheese dressing, strawberries and
 sprinkled with a dusting of french toast cereal. I couldn’t stop saying, “MMM,” after
 each bite and I’m sure I probably embaressed my friends about how much I wouldn’t
 stop talking about the French Toast, like, “Guys, this french toast is life changing!”

So, if you’re looking for an epiphany, head to BLD and order that sucker up.

We chatted for the remainder of the day, catching up on this and that. It’s been
 almost 6 months since we’ve last seen each other so it was a nice opportunity.
And thankfully, I’ll get to see her again when I head to New York this week!

Belly full and leg’s tired, I hopped on the train, back to the hometown, dreaming
 of French toast…