Apartment Lust

So even though there’s a high chance most of my apartment will be furnished with
hand-me downs and craigslist finds, I still have to dream about, what it may be like
 to furnish it if I had unlimited funds. Which is why this is called Apartment “Lust”
 and not, “Apartment Things I’m Getting Right Now, Because Who Cares About
Things Like Eating”.

I’ve been doing my fair share of Pinterest browsing and apartment site browsing and
have come up with this quick list of this things I’m kind of dying to have.

One day…

1. Round Brass Tray – To serve fancy cocktails to impress your guests or to use as a
 centerpiece holder for the coffee table.

2. Sofa

3. Bar Cart – To have all the mixin’s in one central spot. If only this came with a bottle
 of whiskey…Bar carts have definitely made something of a comeback these past few
 years, and I’m kind of loving it.

4. Pineapple Lamp– Funky, retro and an interesting light source.

5. Candle– Because duh.

6. Vanity

7. Bookends– To put all your fancy, schmany books in between.

8. Star Light

9. Ottoman