The Sequoia National Park was kind of magical. Five hours away from much of
civilization, tucked on the mountain top are forests with trees as tall as skyscrapers.

Even the drive is beautiful, with winding routes and lumbering trees and the air

getting more crisp and fresh the higher you go up.

We settled in to our room at the Wuksachi Lodge and then headed back out

to explore the Sequoia trees.

There was still a thin layer of snow covering the ground and the air was a bit chilly,

but it actually felt like winter, for a change!

I could practically break in to a Frozen song, while looking at this scene!
The sequoia trees are huge and some of the largest in the world and one of the

largest living organisms on earth. How’s that for impressive?!

Not to mention, incredibly beautiful.
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I kinda felt like I was in the Ewok forest, when here. Anyone else?
After a thorough day of exploring, we headed back up to the lodge, sipping on wine

and appetizers until the sun went down and all the stars came out, which was
another extraordinary sight.

It was so nice to break away from the day-to-day rut of things. This January’s been

especially challenging between long work hours, apartment hunting, and maid of
honor duties. Not that I’m not grateful, but a necessary break was needed. The
Sequoia National Park is a great escape, although I could’ve used a little more
cell phone reception, I’m not going to lie. No Snapchat or Instagram or anything!
I’m not too much of a nature girl, I admit. How did people live without iphones?

Until the next adventure…