Mallory Square

The rest of our first day in Key West with the fam, continued with us taking it easy.

We dined at a local restaurant that was right on the bay and not too far from Mallory

I think everything looks better over the rim of a margarita glass, don’t you? 😉

And we feasted! On pub fare but delicious nonetheless. We nibbled on lobster
sliders (my fave), giant prawns and one very juicy burger. It was enough for a
gal to forget all her gym resolutions and get right down to the belly of it.

Around sunset, all the tourists gather around Mallory Square to watch the sunset.

There’s music playing and a looseness in the air that comes just as the sun sets on
the Atlantic. Mallory Square is the main plaza and the sunset celebration was
definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip. Revolving around the square are all
sorts of performers, arts, decorations and stands.

After the sun had finally set, my family returned to our rooms to retire for the evening.
Feeling still a bit restless, me and the brother set out to see what adventures were to be
had on Duval Street, the main drag of Key West. You know those nights were you go,
“Oh, I’ll only have one drink or so.” Well, that’s how my night started, but a couple of
mojito’s and one gay bar later, I was back in the room, having partied a little too hard.
What can I say, the gay’s know how to have one helluva good time!