Blue Heaven

A quick recap of the family trip to the Florida Keys for this winter break! I’ve been

working from home this week and can’t say how nice it is to work from bed in full
on pajama mode. I think this is the life meant for me.

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So me and the family did something we haven’t done in ages- take a family trip!

Instead of sticking around for Christmas in California, we decided to go somewhere
a bit warmer and a tad more tropical. We had a redeye late at night and arrived in
Miami all bleary-eyed and tired, driving down through the Keys. It was a gorgeous
ride and nothing but ocean on either side.

We stopped at Bahia Honda State park on recommendation from a friend. I was

about ready to plop right down and get mighty comfortable! But we trekked on,
about an hour more, before arriving in Key West.

Our first stop was of course, food! We stopped at Blue Heaven, a local favorite

and another recommendation.

Trailing all around Key West are roosters! Brightly colored and only a tad noisy

with their crowing, they strut around the island like they own the place and they
certainly add to the island charm. It was so funny to see all the roosters walking
around and dipping beneath our feet at lunch, with a trail of tiny chickadees
following! Unfortunately, my national geographic photo skills aren’t up to par

I opted for the shrimp melt sandwich. The shrimp were perfectly juicy and

the sandwich just oozed with cheese. Perfect.

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Key West is a popular Christmas destination and it’s easy to see why. Although the

island itself wasn’t anything like I expected! It’s a bit of a cross between New Orleans,
The Pirates of Caribbean ride at Disneyland (the best parts of course and without any
real pirates or guns or Johnny Depp or anything) and palm trees galore. A blue heaven
in its’ own right.