Winter Must Haves

Wait, so for real, it’s only like two weeks before Christmas and I’ve barely gotten any
Christmas shopping done, there’s still baking to be left and New Year’s resolutions to
be completed. Can someone just hand me the rum-spiced eggnog already?
Whelp! Here’s the latest round of things I’m currently loving or in dire need of. Hint, hint
1 // The Martian // The novel is a gripping tale of an astronaut pretty much left for dead on
Mars. It’s a definite page turner.
2 // Sweater Dresses //
3 // Sparkly New Year’s Eve Dress // I for one, feel like New Year’s is always a huge let down
and never turns out quite the way you picture it. Thanks LC and that one Hills episode where
it was just all about perfect. Doesn’t mean you still can’t get dressed up and have a fun night
4 // Plaid Scarves // 
5 // Eos Lip Balm // Winter essential and these things are straight up addicting.