Venice, California

I love Venice. I really do. I love the smell of patchouli that drifts in the air. I love all

the beach side stands. And I especially love all the perfect little shops and relaxing
 restaurants. In desperate need of a mini-getaway, we jumped in the car and headed
west towards the ocean!

Making sure to stop for food and nourishment at C&O Trattoria, where there’s nothing

 but decent proper Italian food, covered with real, fresh parmesan.

And the real star of this whole meal is the garlic knots. The waiter’s come round to all

the tables with a hot, piping fresh platter of crisp, buttery, garlic knots and load them
up to your plate whenever you look like you’re starting to run out. It’s the closest thing
to magic, for a foodie.

You’ve got to give it a good proper swirl!

           Shirt- Similar                                Boots- Similar
Fully loaded with garlic knots and just the right amount of pasta from C&O Trattoria,

we took a stroll around Abbot Kinney, stopping in all the stores, resisting the urge to
not buy anything. (We failed)

The picture from the bottom right, was a store that reminded me a little of one of the

shops from Harry Potter. A mish mash of weird furniture and random nick nacks strung
across the wall and ceiling. No? Just me? You must be a muggle then, if you can’t see it!

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Must we get back to real life after days like these? Venice, you have my heart.

C&O Trattoria-