Fall- A Quick Update

Wow! Have these past few weeks been busy. First, my laptop hard drive manages to

crash and burn and do quite the number (thankfully I use dropbox), setting me back a
whole week trying to figure that sitch out. I just barely managed to get a new hard drive
and fix it up myself. I felt a bit like Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and for a second I
considered a life of hacking and being generally bad ass, but then remembered that
actual coding is quite tricky! So back to the day job it was.

Secondly, I got to go to a work conference down in San Diego which set me back another

week. It was lots of fun but super busy and I felt like I barely had a moment to breathe.
But the view from the hotel was absolutely spectacular.

Man, is it good to be back to a schedule! I forgot how good fall can be, but already
feeling a bit busier than summer, especially with the new rush of holidays coming up!

Where has the year gone?!

And now back to the regular schedule…