Descanso Gardens

So I’ll be honest- I was brutally unimpressed with this brunch. Everything about it
seemed so off, from the slightly stiff customer service to the fact that they ran out
of several breakfast ingredients including egg whites and bacon. Ron Swanson
would have had a fit about that, I’m sure!

Still leaves me a little puzzled as to how a restaurant serving brunch runs out of
two of the main ingredients but hey, who knows what happened. I wanted to love it I
really did.

To ease the pain of no bacon, I opted for a drink instead, called the “Abuelito Cafecito

 Neccessito”, which I may have just ordered because it was a whole lot of fun to say.

It was a whiskey based drink with cinnamon in it to give it a little something extra.

Didn’t do too much for me although.

For the meal, I opted for the Green Pozole N Egg.
The chicken pozole was ppretty tasty although kind of a strange breakfast item. It was

a different mix of flavors than I’m used to and I’m not convinced it wholly worked.

Well, not all brunches can be winners, so we proceeded to finish off the day at the

Descanso Gardens which proved to be more successful than the meal at Ktchn by far.

The Descanso Gardens sit on top of 160 acres of abundant California terrain, right in

the middle of Pasadena.

It’s a nice change of pace and a welcome relief to be surrounded by so much nature.

It doesn’t have quite the variety of gardens and urban forestry that a few other botanical
gardens I’ve seen, but for the Los Angeles scene, Descanso gardens are pretty perfect.

It was nice to escape and not do with any of the typical distractions- work, friends,
tv shows, cell phone apps- and get lost in nature for a little bit.

But I think it’s time for a few more adventures, what do you think?

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