Faith & Flower

The Faith & Flower in downtown L.A., is one of those gorgeous restaurants that’s as

easy to take in as the food. And in always in need of a refreshing cocktail and a delicious
lunch, I headed out for the day.

What time is it? Cocktail hour!

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to use that.

We were promptly seated and sat down in a beautiful rounded booth that felt a bit
Gatsby-ish, but with a sexy modern twist.

The decor itself at the Faith & Flower is worth the visit and would be the perfect setting
for a romantic evening. I took mental notes as I hope my future home someday looks
like all of this. I say that about a lot of places I go. Don’t even get me started on Anthropologie.

I started off with the mimosa noir, which was light and frothy. I could easily sip
down six of these! But of course didn’t because that’s how mistakes and all sorts
of mischevious things happen.

We decided to go on the light side and started off with an appetizer of country
potatoes, covered in sauce, bacon and chives. They were good, although nothing
completely memorable. We rounded it out with the eggs sunny side up.

But the best part had to be the cookie board. A half a dozen assortment of cookies from

thumbprint cookies to brownies to blondies arrived on long, wooden board.

I’m very much ready to go back and try the rest of the menu at the Faith & Flower!