Crystal Cove

There’s something about being at the the ocean, that makes one feel like anything is
possible. For a few hours, your biggest concerns are limited to sand, sun, and salt.
And for the most part, things are ok. After yet another failed fling, an overnight
stay at Crystal Cove cottages does the soul wonders.

I’d reserved the Crystal Cove cottages about six months earlier (they go fast), so 
I’d pretty much forgotten about the reservation completely until just this past week.
Me and a few friends quickly packed swim suits, towels and sunscreen and headed 
out to Crystal Cove. 

All the cottages have been restored to their original 1930-1950 state, so it’s a bit of
a throwback to step in to the cottages. They’re equipped with the bare essentials of
beds, tables and an unbeatable ocean view. No tv’s, no radio’s, and no sign of modern
technology which is actually quite refreshing!

And some fresh fruit to boot!

After frolicking in the rocky ocean and getting plenty sandy, we headed over to the 
Beachcomber Cafe to start the evening. 

Some of us got a little silly there!

We watched the sun go down and talked late in to the evening back in the cottage,
looking for shooting stars (of which I saw zero!), and fell asleep to the sound of
crashing waves.

I’ve been hesitant to let go of summer and all the good things that happened this
season but Crystal Cove reminded me there’s so many things to look forward to in
the fall, when things get crisp again and start all over.

Thanks for reading 🙂