The Frying Pan

There’s something about going back to New York, that always manages to put things 
in perspective. Maybe it’s the distance that gives clarification, the jam packed sidewalks
or the incredible skyline- but things always manage to feel a little clearer after heading to 
the city.

I arrived in the city early Thursday morning, before the hustle and bustle, completely
jet lagged. I stumbled around Little Italy in search of something to eat. There’s so many
Italian pastry shops, it’s hard to choose. 
Cupcakes count as breakfast right?
After a long day of playing tourist I met up with a group of friends at The Frying Pan, an 
old favorite drinking spot back when I lived here, to catch up after almost a year apart. It’s 
always good when you can jump right back in with friends and pick up where you left off. 
And with a skyline to boot!

Trying to catch that selfie- silly girl.

Buckets of white sangria later and after hours of good conversation (a lot of which
included chatter about the most recent drinking fads. Honestly, the ingenuity of how
teens are getting drunk these days is absolutely fascinating! Slash, also makes me feel 
old for using phrases like “kids these days) we realized the sun had dropped and we
still had nothing to eat.

We took our stumbly, grumbly selves and headed to Ovest Pizzoteca to continue the 
drink and wine fest, paired with some seriously good food.
I sipped on the Acapulco Flower, happy to be back in such good company. This
wonderful thing smelled like Christmas and tasted like a margarita! 
One of those great New York evenings where you feel like everything’s going to be