Scarpetta- Las Vegas

We arrived in Las Vegas late Friday afternoon after hours cooped up in the car, 
jamming to tunes and driving through the dusty, arid desert. 
We quickly got dolled up and headed to Scarpetta, an Italian restaurant in the 
Cosmo hotel. I think we were all a bit car lagged and had munched on too many
car snacks because we sat all sat there a bit fazed, enamored with the restaurant 
and its’ wonderful ombre hues.
It was all very sexy- like a restaurant you’d see James Bond dine at or something.

And then bread! Glorious, wonderful bread paired with three different sides of olive 
oil with lemon juice, a marscapone butter and an eggplant tapenade. My personal 
favorite had to be the stromboli- thick slices of salami tucked between mozarella and 
rosemary bread. I could use it as a pillow and sleep on it. But I wouldn’t because then 
my hair would be all gross and smell like garlic, leaving me to want to eat more of this 
stromboli-heaven stuff.

I opted for the spiced duck breast. It’s always my go to option. Something about a good 
piece of duck breast that truly hits the flavor spot. Tender and juicy, paired beautifully 
next to a spiced mustard sauce.

Duck ravioli which was also just as delicious, topped with a light sort of butternut sauce.

And like happy, plump little puppies we headed out for the night but what
shenanigans we got up to that night, you can bet I’m taking with me to the grave!

 Las Vegas, you dirty dog.