Luke’s Lobster

I would like to be able to say that after the lovely day drinking fest at The Frying Pan,
I went to sleep, woke up feeling refreshed and was ready for another day of playing

Not even close. 
I woke up close to noon, disoriented, groggy and wondering why the heck I’d drank so 
much of that wonderful sangria. Needless to say, it was a while before I managed to get
myself together and make my way out in to the city. 
But when I finally did, I spent the day roaming around my old neighborhood in
Morningside Heights before heading over to the Upper East Side.
The North Woods of Central Park has got to be one of the most under used parts of 
Central Park. Most tourists go for the boating lake and Sheep’s Meadow. The North 
Woods, located around 103th – 110th street has a beautiful conservatory and a 
wonderful woodsy trail you can get lost in and feel all poetic and majestic.
Did I mention the waterfall? It’s got to be the best part.
Finally after a couple hours playing explorer, I felt famished and looked for something
that’d hit the spot. Something I’d been yearning for, for a very long time. 
A real authentic lobster roll. Now the ones you find at the roadside stands on your way
to the Hamptons or Maine are probably just as delicious or better but Luke’s Lobster is 
probably one of the best in Manhattan.
Now it’d be silly to say I traveled across country to eat a sandwich. But it’s that good. 

And also, I should probably get some perspective on how seriously I take my food.
I went for the sampler and got a third of a crab roll, a shrimp roll and the lobster roll 
and began munching down, practically inhaling everything.

Happiness is a lobster roll on a long, hot summer day. 🙂