Del Mar Races

As Lady Sybil knows, a day at the Del Mar Races requires one to put their best foot (or paw)
forward, in preparation for the long day.

Which is why it was absolutely necessary that she wear the newest apparel-the bow tie.
Because bow tie’s are cool.

It’s all about looking preppy and fresh, but also comfortable. I think she manages the
balance quite nicely.

As stylish as she may be, no pups allowed at the track so Lady Sybil had to sit this
one out. But me and a friend had plenty of fun on her behalf.

We took the surfliner train down to Solana Beach, enjoying a break from the
hometown, and all the perfect weather San Diego had to offer. It’s a convenient
way to get to the Del Mar Races.




It’s all very exciting, watching all the jockeys line up. And before you know it, they’re off!

You place your bets, watch the horses come around to the audience side and the entire
crowd stands up, hoping theirs is the lucky one. 
In fact, it’s so exciting and overwhelming that it requires a decent amount of wine to 
calm down. (Oh, just a glass or two 😉
Though honestly, my tactic is just to pick the names I like best. Which worked out pretty
well! A whole $10!


We spent the rest of the day placing bets, chatting away, and sipping wine before
hopping back on the train back to the hometown. San Diego, you sure are beautiful.