Fizzy Blackberry Lemonade

Last year when I vacationing in London, me and my best friends dined at this
perfect little restaurant by Buckingham Palace. Once there, we met Donald, a
wonderful little Irish professor who was passing through London by way of a
layover and had headed straight to the bar (I like a man with hard goals).

He told us story after story of his life. He also slathered us up with the “bramble”,
the most refreshing blackberry cocktail I’ve ever had, while he regaled us with his

Somewhere along the night, and after about four brambles, Donald (who was
quite buzzed at this point) left us to continue his night in London. None of us
are really sure what happened to Donald. I’d like to think he caught his plane
and is happily sipping on a bramble somewhere.

I don’t know if I could perfectly recreate the Bramble, so I went for this drink,
which is slightly more refreshing and not quite as dangerous.

So here goes! Just don’t enjoy these between layover’s or else you might make
the traveler’s mistake Donald made!

Here’s your cast of characters

1/2 ounce lemon juice
1 ounce gin (optional)
1 ounce simple syrup
dash of bitters
dash of creme de cassis
handful of blackberries
club soda

Makes about 2 drinks

1. Pour lemon juice, gin and simple syrup in to a cocktail mixer. Add ice.
2. Shake heavily and pour over ice.
3. Add a dash of creme de cassis and bitters
4. Top with lots of club soda
5. Toss in a handful of blackberries

Not too difficult right?

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