Cafe Verona

I don’t know about you but after a long night on the town, there’s not much more I 
enjoy the next morning then some serious good food. 
We headed out to Hollywood to indulge in some recovery food at Cafe Verona. After, 
we caught a play and even had a celeb spotting (in typical Hollywood fashion of course).
After being up until the wee hours of the morning Saturday night, the first thing that 
was necessary was coffee. And not just a cup of Starbucks but some real, authentic,
strong coffee. You know it’s good when you’re mind starts racing and you feel all 
jittery only a few sips in.
The frittata was good but there wasn’t nearly enough meat or turkey sausage. It was 
like a sexy frittata-no meat and pretty to look at.

At Cafe Verona, they serve all frittatas with a side of sweet potato mash. It’s light and
filling. Although an interesting choice for a side.

But seriously cheesy!

On the way to see the play, we saw about a hundred screaming girls clamoring
outside of a hotel. Only to see Justin Bieber, Canada’s most wanted (loved? hated? 
not sure) emerge and wave to the adoring crowd below. For a second, I found 
myself trying to catch a glimpse of the little guy as well before realizing, that it was 
only, well, Justin Bieber, who floods the news to a ridiculous point already. Now if
it was Michael Fassbender, we’d have a completely different story here!
What’s everyone up to this weekend? I’ve got a few interesting things in the works…