A couple of weekends ago, a group of my friends and I, headed out to the middle of
the desert in Indio to celebrate that glorious occasion that is Coachella.

Free from wifi, laptops, and most usage of cell phones for the long weekend, we
were able to focus on some of the more important things like friends and music.

In the mornings we’d grovel out of our campsites, cook a hearty breakfast and
wander down to the grounds with tens of thousands of other people from all over the
world to listen to some amazing bands. Bastille, Ellie Goulding, the list goes on and
on. And everyone gave an amazing performance! Especially Dan from Bastille, I’m
blushing just thinking about that cutie!

Everywhere you turned, there were larger than life structures that look like they’d
come out of a bizarre dream, photobooths, foodtrucks and tents to cool you off from
the scorching sun.

We boogied on down from morning until sunset, in our flower crowns and tutus,
before heading back to our campsite to freshen up.

I was a little hesitant to bring out my camera so most of these pics are only from my

At night, it’s an amazing atmosphere filled with plenty of hedonistic acts and
scantily clad girls (and boys). But there’s really something to be said about so many
people coming together to listen to awesome music out in the open desert. Everyone’s
so happy and friendly. Alright, so I’m sure plenty of that may be due to drug use…ok
maybe a large part of it but there’s also parents and little kiddies too! Something for

I know there’s a lot of cliches and cynicism thrown out there about Coachella, but I
don’t think there’s anything cliche about spending time with the people you love and
having a grand ol’ time with no concern for the real world.
Coachella tickets are a bit steep but well worth it!