Bottega Louie

This past weekend, I popped down to Los Angeles to check out a restaurant I’ve been

dying to try forever – a downtown favorite, Bottega Louie.

Upon entering, first thing one sees, is the bakery.

The rows and rows of sweets had the fat girl inside me clawing to get out. I wanted it
all and made a mental note to try everything.

Are you drooling on your keyboard yet?

I was so busy oohing and aahing over the sweets, I hardly noticed the beautiful

restaurant! Everywhere you look, it’s a simple, white backdrop with waiters
buzzing about, jumping from table to table.

Get there before 12! The line starts early .

We ordered the eggs benedict, dipty eggs and lobster hash and paired it off with a
bloody mary and a French 75 for good measure. The lobster hash was light and
delicious although I could’ve used more lobster and less of the potatoes.

Still thinking about yesterday's breakfast.. #...

And of course I couldn’t leave without trying one (or five) of their well-known
macarons. All of them were delectable but the salted caramel was easily my favorite.

Plumped and sweetened up, we finally headed off to the Pantages Theater to see

Book of Mormon.

I forgot how beautiful it is inside the Pantages with its’ tall guilded ceilings and a
very art-deco feel to it. The play was absolutely hysterical, great songs, and some
really smart points. “Maggots in my scrotum” had to be my favorite part. Never
thought I’d get a chance to write that!

Book of Mormon’s touring all across the US