Travel Diary: A Panda In Budapest

After what may possibly be the longest flight ever, I’ve finally made it to Budapest!
Seriously, I think I managed every cramped, sleep position possible. I truly feel for
anyone over 5’4” and having to make it work in that tiny 3×3 sitting space.

I arrived in Budapest late at night and was successfully dropped off at my friend
Sam’s apartment. It’s been almost a year since I last saw her back in New York so
you can imagine my excitement to finally see her again! Unfortunately jet lag got
the best of me and I ended up crashing for about as long as my flight was.

She had class the following day so I snoozed some more while she went off to be all
intellectual. I ventured off and climbed to the top of St. Stephen’s Basilica which was
just across the street from her apartment.

But lawdy is that a hike! I have a newfound respect for the inventor of the elevator.

I was finally rewarded with this view.

I met up with Sam when she got out of class and we wandered up to Buda hill to see
the castle and Fisherman’s Bastiona. There’s two sides to Budapest, Buda and Pest,
which are divided by the Danube River. Buda’s the more hilly, older one while Pest
is slightly more modernized. You feel transported back to another time walking
around Buda. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Truly speechless #travel #bliss 💛 via kyladd
Truly speechless #travel #bliss 💛 via kyladd Add me on Instagram!

After a large dinner and lots of sweets we went out with her classmates. And way too
much palinka later, around 3 in the morning, we found ourselves miraculously back
in her apartment. Somehow this ended up with me putting on my panda onesie and
cooking sausages. Palinka, you devil! When Steve, Sam’s boyfriend, saw a giant
panda in his kitchen cooking Hungarian hot dogs he was quite alarmed, from what
he told me later.

“What the f*ck are you wearing?” he asked, as I continued to whisk up a culinary meal.

‘This old thing?” I responded as I finished cooking. And then I held up my fork to him
and told him threateningly, “Don’t even look at my hot dog.” At which point he
probably questioned his girlfriend’s taste in friends.

Safe to say, there will be limited amounts of Polinka this trip and no more late night
cooking. The struggles of being a panda in Budapest.