Moscow at Dawn

Moscow– what a strange city! I arrived at the airport in the dead of night and popped in to 
my capsule hotel, ready to catch a bit of sleep. I woke up a few hours later when it was still

dark, eager to do a bit of touristing during my twelve hour layover in the city.The city was cold
and quiet with hardly a person around. Honestly, it creeped me out a tad and I was like, this is
totally the part where I get killed and chopped up in to little bits.

And with each passing hour, I kept waiting for more people to emerge but, it felt like I had all
of Moscow to myself!

If only New York city subway stations were this clean!

This city really likes their Soviet statues. There’s statues of Lenin and Marx literally
everywhere and they’re all larger than life like this one. A bit dystopian isn’t? It’s so
strange to see Communist buildings like this right next to old, more traditional Russian

The Red Square

The Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral at dawn. When I first saw this, coming
over a hill, I had to catch my breath for a second (partially because I was freezing
to death and I really hadn’t worked out much so the hike was really hard but also
because it was like, oh holy shit! that looks like the real thing!). Really, an amazing

I was amazed at how tiny the actual building was! From pictures, it’s always looked 
huge. When I first saw it, I was kind of like, “Oh, well that’s cute. It’s so wittle.”
Thawing off with a delicious cappuccino. There were delicate little chocolates also,

but those didn’t last long enough for the picture.

Moscow’s not the most tourist friendly city and they do require a visa for entry. I’m glad

I made the effort to stop by Moscow during this layover but it’s certainly not the easiest
of pit stops! Thanks Moscow for a very interesting morning!

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