Chapter One

It’s not often I get to spend quality time with my little brother but when I do, I
definitely try to make the most of it. We headed out to downtown Santa Ana for a
late brunch.

My brother is many things, but a photographer he is not. It took a lot of arguing for
him to even take this sucker. It’s times like these when I wish I had even just one
sister. (Mostly kidding)

The restaurant we chose was Chapter One and appropriately has book themed menu

items and drinks. I especially like the drink menu. It’s really the best kind of adventure
book because it involves tasty, delicious drinks. Which is plenty inspiration to get me
hooked in.

We started off with the mac and cheese and the fries baked in duck fat. We couldn’t get

them from the bowl to our hands to our mouth fast enough! The duck fat fries are an
absolute must and one of the best part of the meals.

The fries come with a smattering of sauces as well which is perfect for me as I’m a

bit of a condiment whore. You can never have too many. The garlic aioli was my
personal favorite.

I’m all about having plenty of options when it comes to me and my food. The mimosas
here are unlimited and come with pomegranate blueberry juice, pineapple juice and
orange juice.

It’s unfortunate that my brother acts like pictures are things that suck up your soul

each time you take one. He absolutely refuses to smile for them. Hopefully, this is
just one of those weird, 21 year old boy things he’ll phase out of! Otherwise, we’ll be
stuck with pictures of a family member that perpetually looks like he wants to
punch someone. *Sigh

Really, he’s a total sweetheart. Doesn’t the grimace say so?

And after much grimacing back and forth, we dove in to this mighty thing of a plate-
the doughnut burger.

I have to give credit to whoever thought combining a pastry and a burger would be
a great idea! The doughnut the hamburger patty sits on, isn’t as sweet as a normal
doughnut. It’s a bit denser and when you bite in to it with the burger and the fried
egg combined, it creates a salty/sweet combo.

It’s delicious but feels a bit wrong!

I opted for the salmon omelette.

Next time, I’m aiming to at least snap one picture of my brother smiling! 

Thanks for reading and have a great week! 🙂