Baths and Markets: Budapest Day 4-6:

The time I spent in Budapest did truly fly. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to
 wake up late, enjoy a cup of coffee around noon and then set out for a little mini
adventure each day with Sam.

Clearly, being incredibly lazy suits me.

One day we’d pop up to the baths at Szechenyi, immersing ourselves in to the medicinal,thermal waters until our toes and fingers would get all wrinkly. Then the next day, we would set
off to the Central Market where it was food galore. There’s so much to see and
do in
Budapest, I’m not sure I could ever get tired of it!

I’m amazed Budapest isn’t more of a must-city for tourists. Food and drinks are 
ridiculously cheap, the museums are good and there’s plenty of old world charm.
There’s something about this city that made me feel incredibly at home. Which is 
wonderful, but makes it all the the more difficult to leave. (And possibly scheming of

ways to move abroad. A girl’s gotta dream right?)

Ah Budapest, you truly are one of a kind.