A Few Parting Thoughts on Eastern Europe

During the time I was in Budapest, I met a whole host of people, all of them
incredibly funny, lovely, charming, and gracious. I met a couple of Russians,
Siberians, former-Crimeans, Ukranians and even Uzbekistans! Did you know
Uzbekistan was a country? I sure as heck didn’t. Don’t even try to ask me where it’s

And just like me, they worried about how they were going to find a job, how to pay
taxes, where they should rent an apartment and what the actual status of their
relationship with that person they’re hooking up with but kind of like. Even across
the world, in the midst of chaotic political situations for their countries, the issues
they most worried about aren’t all that different from our issues. As it turns out,
people really are just that-people.

And on a completely unrelated note, here’s some pictures of me and Sam, jumping
in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica.

I’m feeling extra hoppy just thinking about being back there!