A Bike Ride Through Budapest- Day 2

Care to join me for a ride through Budapest?

Here’s our guide, the lovely Sam. Hold on tight because there’s no slowing down with
this one!

Our first stop is  Heroe’s Square.

This is Vajahunyad Castle (try saying that 10 times fast!) It was built as part of the 
millenial exhibition and includes all sorts of architectural pieces from different eras.
Unfortunately no dragons or Prince Charming’s here but they did have a moat! The 
whole time walking around it, I kept repeating, “It’s a castle. It’s a freaking castle 
If only I had a proper dragon like Daenarys and could claim the Iron Throne for myself. 
Always a dreamer..

The Shoes on the Danube. For such a beautiful city, it does have such a tragic history.
It’s still a marvel to walk around in though and feel so close to the sight of such
important past events.

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