Day Trippin’

One of my best friends Bianca was desperate to break away from the heavy load of 
work that comes from the accounting busy season and get a whiff of that natural 
beach air, so we set out for a day trip to Laguna Beach. 
We  panted and grumbled a bit (and sweat a lot) as we hiked up the mountain in a 
very un-lady like fashion before being rewarded with this view.  

Not a bad view either, eh?

After  hiking for all of forty five minutes (every minute counts!) we headed over to 
the Rooftop Lounge and rewarded ourselves with berry sangrias. And a Ruby 
Squeeze. And maybe another mojito. It was a really hard hike, I tell you.  The 
sangria’s were loaded with raspberries and blueberries and tasted just like summer. 

We sipped on our drinks, nibbling on olives and bacon wrapped dates, catching
up on everything under the sun for well over two hours.

With our belly’s content, we headed down to the beach to dip our toes in and cool
off and lay out on the beach like happy, beached whales.

I could’ve gladly laid out there all day, lounging in the sun, sipping the rest of
 our mojito’s and not thinking about anything except whether I put on enough

Never quite managed that “beach wave” hair but I’ll gladly take the view any day.