The other day I woke up, feeling so-so. Much like Lady Sybil. I tell you, she
really embodies my moods perfectly, it’s like she knows me or something.

All I wanted to do was lay in bed and watch the day pass. 
Oh there’s cocktails involved? Hmm, perhaps I’ll have to get up then!

We headed to Arc in Costa Mesa. They cook all their items in a wood oven stove.
Like the name of the restaurant, all their menu items are one word like “Steak” or 
“Egg”. Simple is sometimes better, isn’t?

Not one to miss anything, I started off with the duchess which was earl grey pimms, 
swedish punch and citrus. It was light and a tad frothy on the tongue, but so easy to
 sip down! Which I did quite happily.

We ordered the non-pluss “tomato” off the menu which was anything but simple!
 Just look at that fresh heirloom tomato loaded with cheese and mozarella, topped
 up with pesto.

Tomat-ohhh, toma-toe.

Under these thick slices of bacon was a whole mess of bleu cheese waiting to be
dipped in to.

My jaw was feeling extra tender so with every other delicious bite, I’d groan
 “Owww”. The things we do for love though, eh?

I asked the waiter if I should go for the margarita on the menu next or the “Blue
Bertha”. He said margarita’s gave him too many bad memories and suggested 
the Blue Bertha. I feel ya buddy. I was happily presented with this wonder!
Another hit.

I’m itching to go back and taste the rest of their drink menu!

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